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trying to make a living + do good in the world + have some fun


primary mission = helping people understand the likely reliability and clinical usefulness of scientific evidence for medical interventions and to help health care professionals conduct clinical improvements

= also help improve health care decision-making and communications with patients

my partner's and my work can be found at = much of our work is available for free as a public service + we also can be hired for services and training too, which is how I make my living.

here is my Amazon book page.


when I'm not thrashing about, attempting to save the world through my medical evidology and clinical improvement practice or otherwise making mischief, i can sometimes be found painting with oils or creating digital art.

moving into digital art is making it possible for me to share beautiful and interesting imagery online + maybe to help me keep from starving as "medical evidology" isn't a business you usually find in the yellow pages.

you can see my work and even ways to buy prints and products if you like, by going here


werewolf howl

photo safari of Vietnam & Cambodia Trip 2014

happiness steps video

sir gawain & the green knight scholarly work

i hope you enjoy!

as to everything else? cosmic, intended or random? you pick. namaste!




a little about
me = mischief maker


Sheri Ann Strite

this is my portal to my various online ventures, adventures and misdeeds (which are usually less misdeeds than misfirings). among other things I am an...

  • evidence-based clinical improvement expert and medical information scientist, specializing in medical evidology
  • teacher
  • writer
  • digital artist
  • + sometimes something other



you can reach me at


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